BrauNOW is an association founded in 2020, born out of an interest in the public space of the city. The aim of the association is mainly:

  • to improve and revive the cultural events in Broumov
  • to draw attention to current issues in the field of culture, especially in the context of contemporary art, architecture and design, also with reference to historical contexts
  • building and deepening general awareness of contemporary art and architecture
  • supporting young, talented artists, architects and designers
  • presentation and own activities in the field of contemporary art, especially art media, architecture, design, free art)
  • organising exhibitions, lectures, seminars, workshops and other programmes in the field of contemporary art
  • realization of site-specific projects, interventions in the public space of the city
  • creation and management of a virtual internet space as an information medium focused on architecture, art, design and their critical evaluation
  • publishing activities in the field of art and culture
  • professional research, advisory and consultancy activities
  • cooperation with Czech and foreign professional organisations, networking



Cultivating the windows of empty shops in the city centre by means of full-surface stickers with educational graphic motifs themed around the history of the region. The stickers also contain contact information for potential tenants and the background of the motifs outlines the appearance of the interior spaces of the shops.


For the Broumov Building Commission, we used simple graphic sketches to comment on proposals for the creation of new and reconstruction of old parking areas. We tried to minimize asphalt areas, add cooling elements (grass, trees) and think about pedestrians while maintaining the existing number of parking spaces. At the town office (former Schroll's Villa) we also emphasized the historic appearance of the site. We separated the main road from the parking lot with a relaxing pedestrian zone with an avenue of trees, benches and space for art.

– in preparation

The Broumov region is a unique landscape not only thanks to its monuments and nature. It also has a unique historical and geographical location. The original inhabitants, the Sudeten Germans, affectionately referred to Broumovsko as Braunauer Ländchen, which translates as the land of Broumov. Behind the walls of Broumov lived the Czechs and across the present-day Polish border lay Prussia. Thus, the outcropping formed an ethnic island with a distinct culture. The project "Broumovská zemička" tries to creatively transfer these facts to the current conditions and thus promote local patriotism.

BÄNKE – in preparation

The object Bänke (benches) puts artistic events of the "happening" type into general practice. The principle is a public call for an action group of people who together transport materials for building a bench in the landscape to a selected location. Here, the group then builds the bench and celebrates the successful effort. The aim of such initiated actions is to map places in the Broumov region with genius loci and at the same time to have a community effect in relation to the landscape.

poHOFte si – in preparation

A one-day event that will open up selected enclosed areas, courtyards and courtyards in the historic city centre to the public. Contact homeowners and residents. We will explain the purpose of the project. Where we encounter potential interest, we will set up in the selected accessible area refreshments, information about the history of the site, a site-specific installation or activities for families with children.


Michal Čepelka

Žaneta Vávrová

Lukáš Kozák


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